5 Ways To Make Your Restaurant More Green

As a restaurant owner, you may be concerned about your carbon footprint. Restaurants and other foodservice facilities tend to use three times as much energy as other commercial buildings. In order to help offset this tendency, become more green, and even be able to label your restaurant as green or eco-friendly (which can be an effective marketing tactic), just implement these five easy tips: Recycle Your Grease Many restaurant owners aren't aware that they can recycle the grease from their grease traps.

3 Steps Toward "Off-Grid" Living

If your energy expenses seem totally out of control, you may be understandably tempted to look for alternatives to your municipal power company and the teeter-totter of automotive fuel prices. Your conscience may also be nagging at you to do the right thing for the environment by practicing more sustainable habits. The good news is that those options are indeed out there, and you just might be able to take advantage of them.

Restaurant Owners: Tips For Eliminating The Black Goo From The Bottom Of Your Dumpster Forever

Over time, many dumpsters develop a thick, smelly black goo on the bottom of their interior. If you own a restaurant, you carry even a bigger risk of developing this gross slime on the bottom of your dumpster, simply because of all the food and liquid you are likely throwing out. Want to get rid of the black slime and the gross odors once and for all? Then, take a look at these essential tips: