Renting An Airboat For A Fishing Trip In Shallow Water

Do you want to take a fishing trip in an area of water that is shallow? If you are used to taking your boat out on deep water, it is possible that you will need a boat that is designed for shallow water when you go on the fishing trip. If you don't intend on fishing in shallow water on a regular basis, you might want to consider renting an airboat instead of buying your own.

Household Hazardous Wastes

If a used or unwanted substance or chemical can harm people, the public, or the environment, it is considered a hazardous waste. The EPA has lists many household items as being hazardous waste. Here are five examples of common household hazardous wastes as well as how to dispose of them. Last, we will discuss disposal of prescription medications. This information should prove useful in the exercise of proper hazardous waste management.